Airsoft Electric Guns are not a specific brand or type of airsoft gun, but the name only applies to airsoft guns that use electrically recharged batteries. Most AEG's are Assault Rifles or Submachine Guns. The name may apply to Heavier Machine Guns, but these are normally left out, falling into the HMG category instead.

Most AEGs have an FPS rating of around 300, but some have as high as 480 or as low as 140. The average range in actual combat is around 200-275 feet, so AEGs are typically used by Assault or CQC (Cloe Quarters Combatant) airsoft fans.

The standard recharge rate for any AEG that was just opened is around ten or twelve hours. After the initial charge, six hours should suffice.

Popular AEGs include the P90, M4, M16, and AK-47/AK-74. Below is a P90 SMG, normally around 250 FPS.