For Japan, the 1970's brought a large amount of curiosity in the way of firearms. Unfortunately, Japan's laws prevented the purchase and use of unauthorized guns and weapons. Eventually, manufacturers started producing life-sized replicas of real guns and sold them to the public. These replicas fired small rubber or plastic BBs that were many different sizes. This wide range of sizes eventually shrunk down to two standard sizes of 6mm and 8mm. After a short time, gas powered guns came on the market and came in a large variety. The guns reached America during the 1990s. From here, spring powered rifles started the popular sport of Airsoft. Ten years later, at the beginning of Japan's recession, developer Tokyo Marui brought a new king of gun into the sport: Automatic Electric Guns, or AEGs. The recession brought the downfall of many gun manufacturers, so Tokyo Marui quickly dominated the business. Tokyo Marui also improved the Hop-Up system, giving their weapons higher accuracy and range. In the early 2000s, a new company known as Classic Army began manufacturing airsoft guns. Their guns match the quality of Tokyo Marui's, and they have since become a well known manufacturer. A guy by the name of David Ingle invented airsoft in the 1970s.